Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Lil Dynamo

Look...I have a new wool picker!

Isn't she cute?

She is serious about her job.

She digs and pulls until each lock of fiber has been picked apart.

The final touch is fluffing.
Just kidding :) She does enjoy picking the wool but I don't think customers would enjoy having dog slobber mixed in with their wool!

I do have a new wool picker though - it is called the Lil Dynamo.

I tried a jacob lamb fleece through it and I am so happy. The top slides across and is very smooth. Here is the washed fiber going in...

and here it is afterwards.

The pile on the left is before and the pile on the right is after. Picking wool opens up the locks and makes carding easier.

I found a more appropriate toy for Paisley to play with.


  1. Aside from looking perpetually COLD Paisley looks pretty knifty! HEY-maybe thats why she was into the wool? A little insulation maybe? :D

  2. HA! Abby does the same thing if I'm not careful with the wool drying outside. :) Glad you're enjoying your picker -- mine is down again, the wool keeps wrapping around a roller that is supposed to feed it. Oh well.

  3. Paisley makes a great picker, although there may a few neps and noils :-)
    Love the Lil Dynamo. It's not at all intimidating.

  4. Keep us updated on your wool picker. It looks like something I should add to my christmas wish list!

  5. I don't think you need both. I think Paisley is a much better fiber picker, and you should give the Lil Dynamo to me! *giggle*

    Have you used a full-sized picker to compare? What's your thoughts on the comparison if so? I've been looking at those, but not been able to play with one yet. Would you mind if I tried it when I'm down there next? I love these are small, and store so easy, and safe, but it still looks like full-size pickers are more effective.