Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Thanks, Joan!

I received an award from Joan over at Mudranch awhile ago…and I have been so busy creating that I am just now blogging about it! If you also follow my farm blog, then you may be thinking that you are seeing double! I was lucky to be awarded this award by two very creative ladies within a couple days of each other - thanks!
I already posted who my favorite authors are on my other blog, so I am posting 7 of my favorite felting/fiber books on this blog...
1. Uniquely Felt by Christine White
2. Felt by Robyn Steel-Stickland
3. In Sheep's Clothing by Nola Fournier and Jane Fournier
4. Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp and Kevin Sharp
5. Felted Bags, Boots & Other Things by Cendrine Armani
6. Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends by Saori Yamazaki
7. How to Raise Sheep by Philip Hasheider (features some of my pictures!)
Now for the 7 blogs I would like to award…
and now for those that would like to see what I have been busy creating!

The dogs are custom orders and the others are for the Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival that is sneaking up REALLY fast :)


  1. Beautiful work you have there! and thanks so much! sarah

  2. You should make Cardi bags! heehee

    I think a bag with those front-facing sheep, and a front-facing Cardi would be cute!

    Odd question, but can felted "patches" be made? I don't want a wool bag, but I think that a felted patch to sew onto my leather, plain 'backpack' purse would be cool, if possible.

    I think a Cardi patch, with one of your front-facing sheep, and a front-facing Cardi standing side-by-side like this pin of mine would be AWESOME! (Hope the link works, blogspot doesn't allow things to be pasted into the comments it seems so I had to type it out!) I also think that design would be so cool on felted purses, and you can do that with BCs too!

    I don't hardly ever use the one handbag I have here, and almost never use totes, but still love these adorable felt designs :)

  3. Thanks! Yes, Emily I can make 'patches' and what a fun idea ;) That design would be very cute. I love the little sheepies and have just done a tote with two sheep facing and a border collie from the rear looking at the sheep, but I like the idea of them side by side too. I did do a small cardi bag, I'll put a picture up. Now you have ideas spinning around in my head :)

  4. Patches are still in style for kids clothes and such too, so can you imagine selling say, ladybugs, and such to be sewn on kid accessories? SO CUTE! Can you wash clothes w/ a felt patch on them normally, like in a washer? If so, felted patches would be SO adorable on hats, and pants if you wanted to go that route too through etsy. The Children's Place outlet store in Lincoln City often has CUTE pants for under $5, that retail in their regular stores for almost $30.

    I think patches would be a nice universal addition to the felted bags if it was an interest of yours. If you were really daring, I got my leather backpack style bag from goodwill, in perfect condition, for $4. There's often bags at goodwill in excellent condition, in assorted styles patches would be cute on. There's some painted bag vendors I know of who cruise thrift stores for bags, rather than buying new. So many people, unlike myself, collect purses/bags and use them once or twice, then get rid of them... I use 'em 'til they're dead! LOL

  5. Beautiful, beautiful work! I have just started learning to felt. What I want to know is, can you felt dog hair? I have almost a pound of soft, silky Spitzfluff that's JET black.

    (Here from Emmy's blog> :))

  6. Hi Cait - Thanks! Yes, you can felt with dog hair. I am currently working on a Borzoi bag and I am blending Borzoi hair in with some wool. A pound of dog hair is a LOT :)