Monday, February 8, 2010

Felting Challenge entries - entrants information now included.

Thank you all for entering the Felting Challenge!!! What a crafty, inspired, creative, talented group of people. We have 11 entries for judging. The creators will remain anonymous at this time.

Please leave a comment voting for the number that corresponds with your favorite entry.

***** Special giveaway *****

In addition to the winner receiving a prize, I will also be randomly choosing a lucky person from all of you that leave a comment. So, come on all of you lurkers - VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Judging will close on Friday the 12th at noon.

Once the judging has closed, I will be announcing who all the entries belong to and share their wonderful blogs.

11.  Sharon -

and this entry is from Patty -
She was too late for the challenge, but I wanted to share her very cute sheep!

Let me know what one is your favorite!


  1. #1 is awesome, but #3 gets my vote for best "cuteness factor"!

  2. Sorry, I am voting for number one. How adorable!

  3. they're all cute as the dickens, but #1 gets my vote!

  4. They are all adorable, but I vote for number 3!

  5. Yikes! I promised I would vote, but... every single one has either a unique point of view, a new creative voice, or a sweet soul that took life in thier creation...not to mention a completely different level of felting experience! How do you choose just one!!

  6. Man oh man, the winner deserves to be the winner! Her work is exquisite! Thank-you Shannon for the opportunity to participate.I learned a lot and feel I can spread my wings ( or the wool) and be even more creative, especially with the inspiration shown.

  7. Thank you Kathy! I love your little Valentine's sheep and display. I agree that Alison's work is exquisite and that this challenge was very inspirational.