Friday, February 26, 2010

Quiet in the studio

I have been very busy in the barn with lambs, we currently have 46 with just a few more expected.  The studio has been very quiet and a few projects have been put on the back burner.  Luckily, I am back to felting and it feels good!

The current projects are awards for the Portugese Podengo Pequeno National Specialty.  What is a Podengo?  Good question! 

The Portuguese Podengo is an ancient multi-sensory hound (sight and scent) breed of dog from Portugal.  There are three sizes - small (Pequeno), medium (Médio), and large (Grande).  Each size with two hair coats (smooth and wire) and its own unique temperament.  All three sizes love to hunt in their native country.

I didn't know what one was until 6 months ago and I have learned a lot about them since!  A few of my bags were given as awards at their Specialty show at the beginning of the year.

 I finished the Best of Breed award today.  They requested a smooth and wire haired Podengo coursing a rabbit in the Portugal countryside :)  It took a lot of thinking and visioning on how I would accomplish this.  I finally came up with a plan and I am pleasantly surprised with the outcome.    


  1. Congratulations ! They came out great !!!

  2. Very impressed! I had never heard of this breed until now, either. YEARS ago I did the awards (scratchboard portraits) for a new-to-me-then breed's show in Minnesota --Finnish Spitz. Good memories.

  3. Very nice Shannon - it turned out great! I'm sure they'll be more than pleased. :D