Thursday, August 6, 2009

Creative juices are flowing :)

I have had several new ideas come to me this week and they have been so much fun!!!
I want to send a special 'thank you' to my mom and grandma for giving me the gift of creativity. They have always been so inspiring and I have many memories of the items they made for us growing up. I will never forget the Cabbage Patch Kid sized horses that my grandma made for all of us kids for Christmas. I think it is still one of the best presents and I have vivid memories of the surprise.
I always have ideas running through my head, but this last weekend when I was home by myself I was able to listen to some of the ideas ;) I was playing around with a necklace idea - unfortunately it was a total flop - but it got me thinking and I took the piece of glass that I was working with and wet felted around it, much like you would felt a bar of soap. It had possibilities... then later when I was at my parent's house, my brother had a wire wrapped necklace on that got me thinking. He helped me and below is the result. I have ordered some wood discs in circles and squares and am looking forward to working with them.

The next item isn't fiber related, but part of my other life - photography. I am taking pictures at a lure coursing trial this weekend and I am really excited to be able to offer collage prints.
I'm not sure where this idea came from, but I took two different items that I have made and combined them. I took the felted sheep balls and the flat felted sheep from the bags and made these little guys.

They have a front and a back and are stuffed with a little bit of wool. My plan is to make them into sachets with lavendar and eucalyptus scents. They can also be hung or turned into magnets - so many choices ;)
This little birdie pillow spurred another thought...

little birdies, just like the little sheep. Unfortunately, this one didn't turn out very cute.

Here is attempt #2. Now, when I look back at the first one, it looks like a nasty crow :)

I hope some of these ideas have created some ideas of your own!


  1. Lots of inspiration there! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us :-)

  2. Extremely inspired! Thank you for sharing all you do... I sure do appreciate the inspiration. Funny about the "crow" compared to the petite birdie. Too funny! :)

    My favorite are the sheepy sachets. Very cool!

  3. OOOO!! and COASTERS! little round sheepy coasters! I simply MUST try this felting thing! My fear is that my roving hoard for spinning will dwindle too quickly-the sheep can only grow so much! LOL

  4. I'm glad you all found some inspiration here ;) Coasters are a fabulous idea!!! Careful - felting is quite addictive...

  5. I love the sheep and birds as magnets! My boys would LOVE those :D

  6. Shannon, just wonderfully creative stuff. I wish I lived so much closer to you and yours! And to have family that inspires this in you and also helps you accomplish your goals regarding your sheep and craft, well, blessing without price! ( will you loan me your Mom?)