Sunday, August 30, 2009

My two worlds have collided!

I feel like I have two different worlds at times - my fiber and my photography. Both of these endeavors give me the freedom to stay home with our son and I feel very fortunate to have this flexibility. This summer has been very busy for my photography - I took over 7,000 photos in August at various dog events!
I took a few of my felted bags to the events and the response has been wonderful - resulting in a lot of custom orders!

Irish Wolfhound - still available

I had a couple orders for Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

A gal ordered this bag for one of her friends. It is an Australian Kelpie watching over his little sheep.

This is an Ibizan named Dina. She is such a pretty girl...

and here she is in felt!

Here is an Italian Greyhound that I am currently working on and still on my list to do are a long-haired standard dachshund, tan and white whippet, scottish deerhound, borzoi, black and white silken windhound, another ibizan, pharoah hound, and a blue merle aussie with a couple sheep.
I have created a Custom Tote Bag page on my website and you can see other bags and ordering information there.


  1. Very nice, and congratulations on all the orders! People know a good thing when they see it. :-)

  2. I just discover your blog, your creations are amazing, I love your ibizan podenco ! Very nice ! I gonna make a link on my own blog if you don't mind, because, I'm sure my readers will love your blog !
    (sorry if my english is not correct... I'm french !)
    Oska & Co Creations
    (if you want to have a look, I also create, ibizan, whippet, deerhound etc... on my blog... not with whool, but with wood : )