Friday, January 22, 2010

A bag for me???

I recently received my 40th custom dog bag order!!!  I started making them in August and have had a steady stream of orders coming in.  I love making each one and really appreciate the e-mails I have received saying 'you captured my dog perfectly'!  I have met some wonderful people and felted a lot of really cool dogs! 

but, I didn't have a bag of my own...

none of my dogs had been captured in felt...

I had plans to meet my friend, Kristine, up in Portland and go to the big dog show yesterday, so on Tuesday I made the decision to take some time and make a bag for myself.  The big choice, what dog?  In the end, Paisley won.

Who could resist that face?

My special girl :)


  1. So cute Shannon! I knew you'd do Paisley - your dogs are special to you but Paisley is extra special. :) Great job, love the button embellishments! :)