Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fab Glue

Fab stands for fabric and fabulous!
I found this little gem at the fabric store while I was shopping for fabric for Christmas gifts.

The uses include - basting seams and matching plaids, positioning ribbons, trims, and appliques, basting hems and zippers, and tack down seam allowances to keep them from moving or flipping over when sewing.
No more ironing and pinning hems :)

I started making bags that are a combination of felt and fabric and the beautiful thing about felt is that you don't have to hem the edges! It's not that ironing and pinning is difficult, it just doesn't excite me!

You use it just like a regular glue stick - rub on area...
and fold hem over. I was amazed at how well it worked!
You can sew right through it and it washes out.

Here is the finished project.
If you want your very own stick of this fabulous glue, then leave a comment and I will put you in a drawing for one. Drawing to close noon on January 8th!


  1. The glue sounds like a great tool. Your bags look great. Do you make custom bags with sheep on them?

  2. Thanks! Yes, I can do custom of dogs, sheep, horses, and goats. I just got an order for a cat :) We'll see how that goes!

  3. Goats, I want one with a goat! That glue looks awesome, I will have to pick some up, your bird bag is very cute!