Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Felt Smackdown entry

I know I am going to be blown out of the water by the other entrant's projects, but I had so much fun learning how to make these little dolls!

Thanks Patty for hosting the 'Felt Smack Down' inspired by Salley Mavor's book Felt Wee Folk.  This book is a real treasure and there are many techniques that I would like to learn this year.  My first project was very simple and I am truly amazed at the details on her small dolls - some are 1 1/2" tall with very intricate embroidery.  Truly amazing!!!    

Inspired by my son who wants it to snow so bad he can't stand it :)

My son was so excited to finally get to play with him and now wants a whole family!


  1. Aww he is so adorable! I love that you made a whole scene, with trees and snowballs. Your son is lucky to have such a talented mom; are you going to make him a whole family?

  2. He is adorable Shannon! Is there anything you CAN'T do? ;) I'm going to forward this on to my sis-in-law. She'll love it!

  3. I think he is adorable too and am so glad you entered him ! Craft Gossip is offering a giveaway of Salleys book ! So if you don't own one go check it out . : )